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About Us

Jelsomina Casadio MelitensisCASADIO MELITENSIS has been providing quality Maltese dogs since the 1990’s. I started in a little place next to Bologna, Italy, called Casadio.  I started with the South African champion, Jobmor Allerdise of Shadwell. Thanks to Janet Jobse who was the breeder of this dog. I made him Italian Champion, Austrian Champion, and International Champion.  He also produced many other champion dogs.  The next big champion Villa Malta’s Chief Snow Cloud, who I purchased from the now late Mrs. M. Rozik, Erasmo Casadio Melitensisalso produced many champions as well. My latest Villa Malta Italian and International Champion is Villa Malta’s Erasmus. Currently, I have 2 boys, White Magic Emotion, and White Magic Tender Fantasy and they have produced already champions.  

Jobmor Allerdise of Shadwell



Young European Champion 2004 “Erasmo Casadio Melitensis”



South African Champion , Italian Champion, Austrian Champion, International Champion “Jobmor Allerdise of Shadwell




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